Where would schools, churches, religious institutes, and communities be without the contributions of African American greats? In spite of much adversity, the humanitarian contributions by African Americans to the United States have enabled millions to reach their dreams of freedom and equality. African American advancements in education, politics, civil service, as well as military service have helped to build America to the great nation that she is.

Featured Spotlight: Solomon Jackson

SolomonDr. Solomon, Jackson Jr. had no idea when he bought a $2.00 lottery ticket, that he was going to receive a mighty blessing. He initially bought the coupon because he wanted to support academia in South Carolina. With the purchase of that ticket he became the winner of the Powerball Jackpot in 2009. His simple investment yielded massive dividends. He received the reciprocal of $260 million for his humble investment. Jackson believed that his increase was a blessing from God. He committed a percentage of his earnings to higher education institutions.

Jackson who attended the School of Religion at Morris College in Sumter, SC, quickly reinvested back into Morris College after receiving his winnings. He donated $10 million dollars to the campus. Jackson founded the Solomon Jackson, Jr. Scholarship foundation for students interested in earning an associates degree. Jackson's passion for education led him to donate to seven Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

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Henry Highland Garnet

Henry Highland Garnet was an American abolitionist, minister, educator and orator. Having escaped with his family as a child from slavery in Maryland, he grew up in New York City.

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