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Butterfly McQueen


Thelma Butterfly McQueen, was an American dancer/actress who made her acting debut as she first appeared as Prissy, Scarlet O'Hara's young servant in "Gone With The Wind". McQueen was born in Tampa, Florida and had plans to become a nurse until a high school teacher recommended she try acting. She coined the name "Butterfly" as a tribute to her constant moving hands. She played in several uncredited roles in "The Women", "Mildred Pierce" and a supporting role in "Duel in the Sun" and the television series "Beaulah". In 1969 she played in "The Dating Game", which was a lighter acting moment unlike the former racially stereotyped roles in past years. She received a Bachelor's degree in 1975 and soon after won a Daytime Emmy Award for her performance as Aunt Thelma in the ABC after school special episode, "The Seven Wishes of Joanna Peabody". "The Mosquito Coast" in 1986 was one more of her other roles of substance. McQueen died in 1995 at the age of 84 after a tragic fire accident.

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