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Sista Qua'Nola is a member of "The Greater Barthololmew, 1&2 Peter Warter Walkers who have been dipped in the Jordan, Evangelical, Baptist House of the Good Shephers's Lutheran Assembly with Presbyterian Passion,Methodist Method, United Pentecostal Holines Nazareth Church, Outreach, Ministries", where she serves as Senior Chior Director.

Minister Quawn Griffin (Sista Qua'Nola Mae) is a native of Greenville, SC and a Gospel Comedian. She is a graduate of Anderson University and graduate of Holmes Bible College in Greenville South Carolina. Minister Griffin holds an Associate of Arts in Women's Ministry and a Bachlors Degree in Pastoral Ministry.

Although Minister Griffin did not set out to be a Gospel Comedain, she learned to use laughter as a way to bring joy and restoration to those who are discouraged, depressed and distressed. Her comedy spans denominational lines and has allowed her to minister to thousands across the East Coast.

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