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Les Brown


Les Brown, a renowned author, speaker, television radio personality has risen to national prominence by inspiring others to shake off mediocricty and live up to their full potential. With no formal eduction beyond high shool, Les has distinguised himself as an international authority on harnishing human potential.

In a humorous twist of fate, Les rose from a hip-talkin' morning Dj to a broadcast manager, from voracious reader to author, from community activist to community leader, from political commentator to three-term state legislator, from a banquet and night club emcee to a premier keynote speaker for fortune 100 companies. In 1986, Les entered the public speaking arena on a full-time basis and formed his own company, Les Brown Enterprises, Inc.

In 1993, Les became the host of his own nationally syndicated daily television talk show, The Les Brown Show. Les is the author of three best selling books: "Up Thoughts for down Times", "Live Your Dreams", and "Its Not Over Until You Win".

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