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David Donald


David Donald, Jr was born in Greenville, SC when the South was still segregated. During this time, the legal separation of blacks from other races was stringently enforced. Education and work opportunities had to be created within black communities.

Donald grew up in a family that created their own opportunities. His father saved money from working on the railroad and opened a recreation hall. His aunt owned a well-known cafe' called Blue Bird Cafe'.

As a high schooler, Donald worked part-time for a vending company. This early introduction to vending would lay the foundation for his future career in that industry. After working in painting and as a shipping and receiving administator, Donald decided it was time to take charge of his future. He recalled his enjoyment for vending when he was younger. Donald continued working his day job, menwhile investing $400 in a couple of vending machines.This business started to grow and eventually, he was able to quit his day job. Danald and his wife started Abba Vending 29 years ago. Today, they are one of the three largest African American owned vending companies in the United States.

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