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William Whipper


William Whipper was born to an African American House servant and her white employer on February 22, 1804. He was born in Drumore Township Pennsylvania. Whipper was born a free man. At the age of 24, Whipper published an essay entitled "An Address on Non-Resistance to Offensive Aggression".This essay became a precursor to some of the non violent strategies that were followed during the civil rights movement. In 1835 Whipper attended the convention of the Improvement of Free People of Color. Whipper was very influential in the decision to end the usage of the word "Colored" from the convention title. The convention would later form the American Reform Society and gave Whipper credit as a founding father. Whipper was a huge supporter of the Underground Railroad as well as supporting black migration to Canada. Along with his business partner Stephen Smith, he built one of the most successful real estate and lumber companies in the nineteenth century. William Whipper died on March 9, 1876 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

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