From rhymes to rhythm of speech, from poetry to prose, from short sentences to short stores, African American writings have made rich contributions to the world’s history. From slave narratives to novels, African Americans have graced society with magnificent pieces of literature. Oral traditions, folktales, and books are all part of the broad range of literary contributions made by African Americans to the Unites States and the world.

Featured Spotlight: Wallace Thurman

WallaceWallace Henry Thurman was born August 16, 1902 in Salt Lake City, UT. He attended the University of Utah and the University of Southern California. Thurman is best known for his contributions to the Harlem Renaissance, which includes his novel "The Blacker the Berry and "A Novel of Negro Life". The novels included themes of colors in the black community, which explored discrimination within the Black community based on skin color. He also founded the magazine Fire. The magazine was devoted to younger artist. Thurman's work sought to show the real lives African Americans.

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Henry Highland Garnet

Henry Highland Garnet was an American abolitionist, minister, educator and orator. Having escaped with his family as a child from slavery in Maryland, he grew up in New York City.

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